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Rachel's Home Life Maternity Session || Spring Hill Photographer

So I am the oldest of four girls. Lots of estrogen growing up. Even the animals were usually female. I remember growing up, strangers would say “Oh your poor father…” I never really liked that much, but at least it makes a little sense now. I understand that girls come with additional challenges, but I think it pretty much equals out in the end. The best part about having sisters for me is knowing that they will most likely all have babies! I love babies! My sister Rachel, who is the sister directly under me in line, was the first to get married and now is the first to give birth. Soon, I hope. I had the absolute pleasure of shooting her maternity portraits in her home with her awesome husband Matt, and I just love how they turned out. I’m seriously looking forward to this baby, though. So much so that I’m planning on driving back down to Fairhope, AL as soon as the kiddo arrives to take newborn photos! It’s a surprise whether it’s a girl or boy, though, so there’s an extra element of suspense that is just wonderful. Congrats Rach and Mat, you two will be amazing parents!

Soon to be mom! Can’t wait to meet him/her.

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