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Ryker’s Newborn Session || Sarah-Marie Photography

I met Ryker’s family about a year and a half ago when his brother was born and they booked a Baby’s First Year package with me. At that time I was still a little green with the newborns, but we spent a lot of time and Kian’s pictures were soooo cute! Fast forward to a year later and right before I was about to get all misty-eyed because the last session was over and I wouldn’t likely see the family until 2 year pictures, mommy let me know that she was expecting another client! Those were her words, not mine, and I thought it was adorable! Well, that little client has arrived and he is just as precious a his predecessors. His sister Kaya presented me with an adorable handwritten card upon arrival at their home, and Kian pretended to go all shy on me. He was a little tough to get with his new brother, but by the end he was super smiley and we got something really cute! Ryker was veeeery interested in what I was doing so he never fell asleep, but he was still very snuggly and we had a good time. I can’t wait for the next session with them, coming up soon!!

We snuck that last shot in of Ryker and Kian. We were pretty tricky.

I love this last one. All three kids are kind of doing their own thing, but they just exude comfort with each other and that sibling bond that usually takes a lot more time to come around.

Baby feet and hands. So sweet.

He’s only pretending to sleep in these. They were blinks!

I can’t believe I just told you my trade secrets…..

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