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Snowy Maternity Session in Tennessee || Spring Hill Photographer

Last time I blogged it was green and warm outside. I’ve been sooooo behind with planning for baby (due in two weeks now!) that I’ve neglected this entirely. Not today though, because this is my best friend’s maternity shoot, and I had to share it. We just did a mini session since it was 17 degrees outside, but Felicia got her wish of a snowy day, and no pregnant women were harmed in the making of these photos, so I’d say it was a success!

The sun was out and bright, and thank goodness for that, because the wind was harsh. I was alllll bundled up, and Felicia was in ballet shoes! This girl really braved it for these photos!

I love how they themed it with the winter and plaid. It is a perfect combination. 

We were cracking up over these because it looked like Felicia was announcing to Jason that they were having a boy, which if course he already knew! I love their big laughs and the way they look at each other 🙂

Oh and kissing in the snow with the sun….breathtaking. 

We needed to warm up though so we finished inside with some belly shots…

And gorgeous silhouettes. I couldn’t decide which “look” I liked better so I just did both. Her bump is so sweet!

Thank you Felicia and Jason for letting me capture your lives through these photos! I can’t wait to meet Riley!!!

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