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The Lloyd Family || Spring Hill Photography

It’s been awhile! I have a ton of them, but really there’s no acceptable excuse for how behind I am in blogging my families this year. With summer in full swing, it’s about to get even busier, so I need to buckle down and introduce you to my wonderful clients.

Meet the Lloyd family! The mom is a local photographer as well, which always puts the pressure on (whew!), but they were a lovely family and we had a great time! We chose to go to Thompson Station Park (and so did everyone else that day) and revel in the glorious late afternoon sun. We ran around, bribed with crackers, pulled out the picnic blankets, and captured some really really cute faces. I love those little phases kids go through, like chewing on their fingers when they’re little. It adds so much character to the session, and no mom really loves a perfectly well-executed picture, they love the ones that show their children being themselves, chewed up fingers and all. Those are the memories worth capturing, and it’s why I love doing what I do.

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