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The Tackett's Home Life Session || Spring Hill Photography

What a fun family this one turned out to be! I met Jennifer the best way possible, through customer referrals! She is friends with several of my clients and has seen their family photos taken in their homes, and liked them enough to set up a Home Life Session with me. We wanted to get a few shots outside in their gorgeous backyard as well, but sadly we got rained out. Cloudy days are good for inside shots though, because the light throughout the house is the same, so we got some great images!

Their three-year-old was a little bit shy of the camera, so I asked mom and dad to model for me so he could see. They did so well and we got into it so much, that we didn’t even realize that he had wandered off while we were shooting! Oh well, we got some really cute shots!

The grandparents were in town as well, so we made sure to get some with them.

Mom had told me to watch out for fake smiles, but whenever I threatened the tickle monster, it worked like a charm.

We started with a posed picture, and then let the magic happen as they interacted with each other.

This poor little guy bammed his head into the stair rail, but he recovered quickly and was all smiles.

Mommy made him feel so much better!

We had to encourage these two to allow me to take shots of just them, but then they got in front of the camera and posed like they do it all the time!

Married couples with kids should always have pictures of just themselves too. Look at the love in their eyes!

After a long session, they were getting pretty tired. They really get along great though, so these smiles were pretty easy to coax out of them.

Our last ones of the day, and the biggest smiles! What troopers! Mom had a place all set in the bathroom, with these specific pictures in mind. It is going to look completely precious.


Thank you so much Jennifer for letting me into your home! Your family is so very sweet. ~Sarah-Marie

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