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Thomas and Anna || Nashville Enagagement Photography

Meet Thomas and Anna! They are going to be married at the end of this month, and they are so in love! We had a really fun time searching Centennial Park for great spots, despite the 106 degrees weather outside, and I was so happy to be able to tell their love story!

Meet Thomas and Anna! They chose bright, bold colors and it totally works!

A simple prop like balloons totally brightened up their images.

Their love was so evident, completely beautiful.

They met online, like Jason and I did!

Centennial Park is a perfect spot for the romantic, and that describes them to a T!

Playing and laughing, a great way to start a marriage.

I love how they put their own personal touch on classic poses.

We didn’t want to go crazy with the been-there-done-that shots, but they make this image work with their bold colors.

Them goofing off was definitely my favorite. I hope you two have the best wedding ever!

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