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Three Reasons Why You Should Consider A First Look || Nashville Wedding Photography

Most brides have heard of the “First Look.” Some might call it a recent fad, but I believe it’ll be around for a long time, maybe forever. There are just too many advantages to it! If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, a first look is a time that is set aside on your wedding day to have a romantic meeting between the bride and groom before she walks down the aisle. Why do it? Glad you asked! Here are three very good reasons:

1) You’ll have time, therefore a whole lot less stress! Just think– if you can get all of the family and wedding party pictures done before the wedding, the wedding will flow seamlessly into your reception. No one likes to wait an hour for the bride and groom to start the party, and family members, bridesmaids, and the bride and groom can easily get grumpy waiting around in heels in hot or cold weather. Not to say it’s all about everyone else, but it really does make the day flow more smoothly.The sooner the reception is over, the sooner you get to… other things.

2) Imagine it: You’re the bride, you wait your whole life to be that bride, walking down the aisle to see your groom. You wonder what he’s thinking, whether he loves your dress, how nervous he is, and you want to tell him he looks amazing and you’re so glad you’re going to marry him. But you can’t. The pastor has begun speaking, and you only get to hold his hand and smile at him. After the ceremony, you’re whisked away to take pictures and then introduced at the reception. On the biggest day of your life, you don’t even get to express your happiest emotions to your new husband, your best friend, except maybe in passing. It can be kind of a let down. Or….

Instead, you get to come up behind your groom, touch his shoulder or cover his eyes, squeal with delight when he spins you around or kisses your face. He tells you how amazing you are, you cry, and everything is perfect. You can now face the entire day with your man at your side, calming your nerves. It’s an amazing feeling.

3) You will get so many more bride and groom images! Not only do you have the amazing first look photos to enjoy forever, but then we get to spend time with just the two of you, no one else around, and really get some amazing moments. Often after the ceremony you are so rushed with family members who aren’t where they should be when they should be, that we only get a few shots of the bride and groom. That’s sad! I mean, which photos will you be hanging up in your home? The ones of you two together, so there should be a lot, and they should showcase the intimacy and excitement of what happens when you see each other for the first time on your wedding day.

Need one last push? Here’s what this featured bride said…

“Originally I didn’t even think about doing a first look and wanted the traditional first time my husband saw me to be walking down the aisle. I was thinking a first look would take away from the wow factor, and take away from that moment. Boy was I wrong! I could go on forever with the pros of the first look and how wonderfully magical it turned out being. My husband had skepticism as well but he said he’d never forget that moment he saw me. The first look didn’t take away from me walking down the aisle either. We were separated for a little while right before the ceremony, for touch ups, and lining up to walk, so it was like we got the excitement and nerves all over again. I would absolutely recommend doing a first look to anyone, and we would have regreted not doing it. Just in case you’re wondering, the first look pictures are our favorites out of over 800 pictures we have. It was every bit of amazing!”                            ~Felicia Gregoire

Hope this helps you decide! It’s not for everyone, but I think if more brides considered this alternative, they’d be happier on their wedding day!

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