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Tips for Families || Nashville Family Photography

The Sizemore Family rocks! All three kids were hilarious and photogenic, the parents were in love, and they all looked fantastic! Add the fact that they were on time to the photo session (a rare occasion- go mom!), and these guys were rock stars. Here’s a couple tips to take note from this session:

1) Bright colors are amazing. Mix patterns and colors, as long as they are complimentary. Aimee did this perfectly!

2) Jeans make parents look hip!

3) Accessorize the women, jewelry and hair flowers are a great touch!

4) Choose a location that means something to you. Do you spend a lot of time at a specific place? Let’s shoot there! Even your home is a great option (this is Pinkerton Park in Franklin).

5) Every person should be prepared  (that means you dad!) for their closeup. You never know, you might love it!

6) Go with the flow. If you dress too formal, you’ll miss moments like these:

Thanks to the Sizemore family for being awesome! We had a great time!

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