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At 37 weeks pregnant, I didn’t expect to be doing a photo shoot. The end of pregnancy can be hard as your body is shifting into gear and the weight is pretty intense, making me get out of breath quickly! But, when this sweet family let me know it was time for one year pictures I had to say yes! I’d done their newborn and six month photos and they were all basically a family of models in a spacious, sun-lit beautiful home, so I didn’t want to miss out to capture this big moment. Then when mom let me know they were doing a Chick-fil-a themed birthday shoot, I knew I’d made the right decision. The birthday girl’s nickname had been “chicken nugget” from early on, and she was obsessed with Chick-fil-a’s nuggets (cause, duh, they are incredible!), so the theme was perfect. We got lunch all set up, I placed them in a picnic pose, and opened the food. The rest was just magic, courtesy of a little girl, two adorable parents, and chicken nuggets. Enjoy!

And yes, I did go get Chick-fil-a after this session…

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