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Wedding Shots Lists: What you need to know

Since I published an extra blog on Saturday for Easter, this one will be short and sweet! Just a little bit of help for brides when they are planning their portrait list. If you chose an established photographer, they likely will not ask you to fill out a shot list. I don’t do one because if I will be around my bride and groom the whole day, I wouldn’t miss anything important! Details, hugs, tears, prayers, and events will always be around the new couple, so naturally I capture it. There is one list I do ask for, though, and that’s a list of photography for the formal portraits. I never want my brides to have to worry or be sad afterwards when they realize they didn’t get “that” shot. So here’s what I send them:

Note that I included all actual names (except for the bride and groom, I will know who you are!) and titles if necessary. This is actually the one I used for my own wedding, which is why mine and Jason’s names are all over it. This provides the photographer and everybody present to be 100% sure that all the photos were taken and no one was missed. When I am shooting formals, I often get people set up, and then announce who will be in the next one by shouting “All right, next up: Bride and groom plus both sets of parents, Randy, Wendy, Bill and Dawn!” Then there’s no confusion! All my brides have to do is take out my names and add their own, and add other pictures if needed. Remember though, each photo will take about 2 minutes (except for the wedding party ones and the ones with only the bride and groom. Those take much longer), so the more you have, the more time it takes before the reception.

Hope this helps!

Oh, and doing a “First Look” takes all the time issues away because we can get it done before the ceremony! More about that later in another post.

Comment below if this helps and share it with your friends who are getting married.

PS- If you want this list to use as a photographer or bride, just comment with your email!

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