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Wedding Shower Planning

So I’m planning a wedding shower for my friend Felicia, and it’s a surprise! Don’t worry, she can’t see this post… I’m wily.

We’re going to Garcia’s on highway 96 in Franklin, which is her new favorite restaurant, and since I love Mexican food anyway, I’m stoked. The reviews on this place are great! It’s a small restaurant (I was informed), but they were very friendly on the phone and accommodating to our large party of up to 15.

Here’s what I have so far:

Games, Cake, Party Favors, Advice Cards, and Sneakiness!

Under the guise of talking about wedding cake flavors, I found out that her favorite cake is Boston Cream Pie Cake, and that they sell them at Publix (though they aren’t listed on the website), and you can’t beat the price. I went to the Dollar Tree for favors and supplies for all the games we’re playing, and so altogether this party is under $30! It doesn’t have to be expensive.

Here’s the breakdown:

Cake: Publix $8.99 (serves 10)

Pretty Cards for guests to leave marriage advice on: $2.00 at Dollar Tree

Party Favors: Ring Pops (dum dum da dum…it’s a wedding, a ring, right?!) in white organza bags and random candy: $6.00 at Dollar Tree

Notecards, blindfold (sleep mask), pens, paper clips, and rice for games: $5.00 at Dollar Tree

Paper, ink for printing game instructions and answers: $3.00 estimate

Since I don’t have to pay for food, drinks, or decorations, I’m all set! I’ve put together some games using this awesome website: Bridal Shower Games. I chose “Who Knows the Bride Best?” (also known simply as Trivia) and used multiple choice. It’s amazing the information you can find out on Facebook! Also “Word Jumble,” “Safety Pin” (I played this when I was a kid and it’s FUN), “Purse Power” and “Observation.”

If you’d like the questions I used or any of the documents, just message me at

So I’m ready to go! I still have to figure out how to get it set up without her being there, but wish me luck!

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