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Welcome to the World Jack || Spring Hill Newborn Photography

Newborns have it all. They get to sleep endlessly, keep their bellies full, and are adored at every turn. Maybe it isn’t for everyone, but being a foodie who often needs more rest, it sounds pretty heavenly to me!

So here’s Jack! He had a hard time the night before our session, throwing up a few times, and not getting a lot of sleep. We weren’t sure what to expect, but since we were past the all-important 14 day mark (your newborns sessions should always be within the first 10 days if possible, 14 days at the latest!), we knew we had to try. Well, as you can see, he was a sleeping angel. There was coaxing involved, and intermittent feedings (all completely normal), but his face was so angelic as he slept that it was all worth it.

And then we did the part of the session that turned out to be my favorite! Even though mom and dad had just moved into their new home, they have excellent taste, and the color schemes and decorations in their home were so beautiful. It was the perfect backdrop for these beautiful intimate moments with their new son, and I am just giddy for these images! Look at mommy and baby smiling together, and daddy’s strong hands as he clutches his fragile son. Love!

Just as a favor to all you Pinterest people, I had to include the baby room. Mom did an amazing job on his room, and the antique toys were so neat! There seemed to be a story for each of them, and I was definitely inspired, so I thought I’d pass that along to you.

Thank you Rob and Darah for inviting me into your home! Your little Jack is so beautiful with his red hair, and I was very happy to meet you!!

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