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Why I LOVE Home Life Sessions || Spring Hill Photography

In case you’re new, photography has been my passion since I was itsy bitsy. I used to make my own pretend cameras with those rectangular Spring soap boxes and toilet paper rolls. My poor sisters had to dress up and be my models every time I read (yes, read you youngins, in a book! I didn’t have internet to search) about a new technique, and then I had to get it developed. Ho boy, I’ve come a long way!

Throughout the years I’ve developed my style, and it’s finally where I want it to stay! I love the bright, natural lighting, soft colors and the sunshine. Lately, my “thing” has been lifestyle photography. I blend my love of the sunshine and candid moments and bring it indoors, capturing families and children in their natural environments, unposed and natural. Usually it’s in black and white as well.

Well, home sessions are amazing because they perfectly blend the two styles. I get some posed ones, some candids, some indoors and some outdoors! It’s relaxed, it gives you a reason to clean the house, and it gives me new inspiration every time! Check this one out I did two weeks ago for inspiration:

One for the album. Gotta capture those details you spent nine months planning.

This was actually our last set of the day, but after a few tears, mommy and daddy let me know that Brynn loves to be naked. Voila! Smiles! Good thing too because after all that, these were her best smiles she saved for me! Note: Pink and green are amazing together!

Daddy’s little girl.

My favorites are always interacting!

Mommy’s and baby’s hands. Sigh*

By choosing to center around something meaningful to them, these portraits became my favorites in the whole bunch.

I always shoot near windows if I can, in indirect light, so this wooden floor next to a window was perfect!

White linens on your bed create an amazing canvas.

Simple props like a blanket make all the difference (and protect against bugs).

Trees+Sunshine=Georgeous. Not to mention the baby.

Who knew your front yard could be like this? People think a yard sounds so bland, but this proves that if you schedule for the right time of day, sunlight can make anything beautiful!

Boom! So now you’re convinced right? Okay good, call me!

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