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10 Top Resources for New Photographers

Whether you’re just starting out, thinking about it, or already on your way, there’s always more to learn. Believe me, I’m learning constantly. Photography is a changing, evolving art form, and to succeed, staying current is really important. Now, part of what I sell as a photographer is longevity. My mission is to ensure that my photography will look good now and 50 years from now. You’ve seen that photo:

This spot color was popular only a few years ago, now it’s considered tacky and outdated! I admit I did one or two…but I’ve learned from my mistakes. Now I focus on light and expressions, things that will never go out of style.

So anyway, all that to say, stay current on photography trends, but don’t fall for fads! Here are some amazing resources to help you on your way.

1.)  Lawrence Chan Blog. This guy’s blog “Tofurious” is a must for photographers, new and old. He’ll explain everything from how to use social media to how to price yourself. I’ve learned a ton from this guy!

2.) Zach and Jody Gray These two are a force to be reckoned with! Zach and Jody have so much information on their blog that it’s kind of ridiculous, plus they’re involved in everything and do workshops too! Click on the link for photographers to follow the blog and look around the brides section to see how they market themselves to their couples. Here’s a tidbit of one of their latest posts:

3.) Prophoto Blogs The easiest and best way to build a stunning blog (this is how I did mine!).

4.) Instaproofs galleries This is SUCH a great resource! Instaproofs is free to use, with unlimited space and lots of customization. You can password protect your galleries, set the amount of time they should be online, and import photos directly from Lightroom! Here’s what mine looks like:

5.) White House Custom Colour This is who I use for all of my printing. They are very fast and efficient, and the ordering process is a breeze. I’ve compared lots of companies, and this was my favorite!

6.) Showitfast You can’t have a website that’s too good. No way. It’ so important! So Showitfast is a website builder exclusively created for photographers, especially the ones who don’t know HTML but want a custom site. Here’s my website, made using Showitfast

7.) The Expodisc: The single best thing that improved my photos. Take a look at this example:

It’s obvious which is more appealing. Click on the photo for more info from Zach and Jody!

8.) CreativeLive: Don’t underestimate the power of a good photography workshop! You can see many workshops live online at this site, usually free, and if you want to buy them to rewatch over and over, you can! Pick and choose the workshops that matter to you!

9.) The Photosystem This isn’t a company or a blog, it’s simply a ten step plan to starting your business right, and it’s amazing!

10.) PhotoVision No amount of learning could ever hurt when it comes to photography. I can’t rave about Photovision enough! They’re a monthly education company for digital photographers, and they interview and follow around the best photographers in the world, and then give that info to you. AMAZING insight!

So there you have it! Ten of the best resources for digital photographers, especially new photographers who don’t know where to start. I hope it helps! Share this on your facebook page and comment if it did. Spread the word!

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