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First Blog: What to expect

Welcome to the WAAAY new and improved blog!

Before, you had this:

Pretty bad huh?

It was my first blog, so I mean, I can’t really fault it, but I promise you now: This one will be SO much better! No annoying sidebars or tacky ads, bad placement or colors. This one is neat and pretty and will match my new website: If you’re new to my universe, just weeks ago I was A Moment’s Worth Photography by Sarah-Marie  based out of Nashville. Now, I’m Sarah-Marie Photography with a new site, domain, blog, logo, and business cards that ROCK.

Here’s what you can expect from now on (and I’ll just be honest, I’m putting it on the world wide web to keep myself accountable): Mondays are personal days. I’ll be writing about books or movie reviews, cooking and recipes, stuff about kids that I’ve learned as a teacher, cool other blogs I’ve found, wedding tips, home decorating, etc. Basically anything that is personal to me, but that can be useful to you too. I want you to get to know me, and I really want to be a resource. So, today being Monday, this is my personal post.

On Thursdays you can expect purely photography. I’ll feature my favorite sessions, give tips and tricks for new photographers, post links to great photography blogs and resources, write about the latest style of photography (and why I am or am not doing it), or write about what equipment I use, etc. It’ll be a good day! I may write more depending on whether I get inspired or whether something exciting happens, but those two days are set!

So what do you think? I’ve put a ton of time into this blog and I need your input.

Comment on whether you see any spelling errors or something that doesn’t work right, and what you might be interested in reading about, and then share it with your friends!

Here’s a sneak peak for my next blog:

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